Positive/Negative Voltage Regulator 0.1A 100mA TO92 78L & 79L options 10-20pcs

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Available Model options to choose from:
78L055V0.1A 100mATO92Positive
78L066V0.1A 100mATO92Positive
78L088V0.1A 100mATO92Positive
78L099V0.1A 100mATO92Positive
78L1212V0.1A 100mATO92Positive
78L1515V0.1A 100mATO92Positive
78L1818V0.1A 100mATO92Positive
78L2424V0.1A 100mATO92Positive
79L05-5V0.1A 100mATO92Negative
79L06-6V0.1A 100mATO92Negative
79L08-8V0.1A 100mATO92Negative
79L09-9V0.1A 100mATO92Negative
79L12-12V0.1A 100mATO92Negative
79L15-15V0.1A 100mATO92Negative
79L18-18V0.1A 100mATO92Negative
79L24-24V0.1A 100mATO92Negative

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