SMD Chip Ceramic Capacitor Assorted Kit 50V 0603 SMD [pcs] New

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Package contains::
4600 pcs – SMD Chip Ceramic Capacitor Assorted Kit 50V 0603 SMD [pcs] New

SKU: ASC-0603-4600

Voltage: 50V
Package: 0603 SMD
Condition: New
Contains 92 values x 50pcs each
Total 4600pcs
Type 0603 50V

Value List:
1pF NPO1.1pF NPO1.2pF NPO1.5pF NPO1.8pF NPO2pF NPO
2.2pF NPO2.4pF NPO2.5pF NPO2.7pF NPO3pF NPO3.3pF NPO
3.6pF NPO3.9pF NPO4pF NPO4.3pF NPO4.7pF NPO5pF NPO
5.1pF NPO5.6pF NPO6pF NPO6.2pF NPO6.8pF NPO7pF NPO
7.5pF NPO8pF NPO8.2pF NPO9.1pF NPO15pF NPO24pF NPO
25pF NPO27pF NPO30pF NPO36pF NPO39pF NPO40pF NPO
47pF NPO50pF NPO56pF NPO62pF NPO68pF NPO75pF NPO
91pF NPO120pF X7R150pF X7R200pF X7R220pF X7R240pF X7R
250pF X7R270pF X7R300pF X7R360pF X7R390pF X7R470pF X7R
500pF X7R560pF X7R620pF X7R680pF X7R750pF X7R820pF X7R
910pF X7R1200pF X7R1500pF X7R1800pF X7R2200pF X7R2400pF X7R
2700pF X7R3000pF X7R3300pF X7R3600pF X7R3900pF X7R4700pF X7R
5000pF X7R5600pF X7R6200pF X7R6800pF X7R7500pF X7R0.012uF Y5V
0.015uF Y5V0.02uF Y5V0.022uF Y5V0.024uF Y5V0.027uF Y5V0.03uF Y5V
0.033uF Y5V0.036uF Y5V0.039uF Y5V0.04uF Y5V0.047uF Y5V0.056uF Y5V
0.068uF Y5V0.075uF Y5V
  • Safe air parcel packaging
  • Dispatch/handling time:5-7 days
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