Ceramic Capacitor C-Cap Radial 4mm x 3mm 1pF-0.22uF various 20, 50, 70 or 100pcs

Priced from: $1.45 to $2.74 for various options

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Available Capacitance options to choose from:
0.015uf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5V80% -20%
0.01uf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5V80% -20%
0.022uf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5V80% -20%
0.02uf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5V80% -20%
0.033uf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5V80% -20%
0.047uf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5V80% -20%
0.068uf50V(D)5mm (P)3mmY5V80% -20%
0.1uf50V(D)5mm (P)3mmY5V80% -20%
0.22uf50V(D)7mm (P)5mmY5V80% -20%
1000pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5U+-20%
100pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmSL+-10%
10pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%
120pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmY5P+-10%
1500pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmZ5V80% -20%
150pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5P+-10%
15pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmNPO+-10%
180pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5P+-10%
18pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmNPO+-10%
1pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%
2000pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmZ5V80% -20%
200pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5P+-10%
20pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmNPO+-10%
2200pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmZ5V80% -20%
220pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5P+-10%
22pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmNPO+-10%
27pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmSL+-10%
2pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%
300pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5P+-10%
30pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmSL+-10%
3300pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmZ5V80% -20%
330pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5P+-10%
33pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmSL+-10%
39pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmSL+-10%
3pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%
4700pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmZ5V80% -20%
470pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5P+-10%
47pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmSL+-10%
4pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%
500pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmY5P+-10%á
50pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmSL+-10%
5600pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmZ5V80% -20%
560pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5P+-10%
56pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmSL+-10%
5pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%
6800pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmZ5V80% -20%
680pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmY5U+-20%
68pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmSL+-10%
6pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%
7pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%
820pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmY5U+-20%
82pf50V(D)4mm (P)3mmSL+-10%
8pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%
9pf50V(D)4mm (P)2.5mmNPO+-5%

  • Safe air parcel packaging
  • Dispatch/handling time:3-5 days
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