Lobster and OT Buckle Clasp Brass 39types Connector Hooks for Jewelry 2-10pcs

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Available Model options to choose from:
Butterfly – AAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 2x2cm Clasp (L): (L): 2.5cmOT Buckle Clasp
Butterfly – CAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 2×1.5cm Clasp (L): (L): 3.2cmOT Buckle Clasp
Celtic – BAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.6×2.2cm Clasp (L): (L): 2.5cmOT Buckle Clasp
Celtic – HAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.7×2.5cm Clasp (L): (L): 2.5cmOT Buckle Clasp
Celtic – PAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.7x2cm Clasp (L): (L): 1.9cmOT Buckle Clasp
Circle – NAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.3×1.7cm Clasp (L): (L): 2cmOT Buckle Clasp
Circle – OAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 2.1×2.4cm Clasp (L): (L): 2.9cmOT Buckle Clasp
Circle – RAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.4×1.9cm Clasp (L): (L): 1.9cmOT Buckle Clasp
Cross – OAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×2.8cmLobster Clasp
Cross – PAlloy (Plated Brass)1.7x3cmLobster Clasp
Dolphine – MAlloy (Plated Brass)1.3×1.9cmLobster Clasp
Dragonfly – JAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 2.2×2.5cm Clasp (L): (L): 3.4cmOT Buckle Clasp
Elephant – RAlloy (Plated Brass)1.2×2.4cmLobster Clasp
Fish – TAlloy (Plated Brass)1.4x2cmLobster Clasp
Flower – FAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.4x2cm Clasp (L): (L): 2.5cmOT Buckle Clasp
Flower – GAlloy (Plated Brass)1.4×2.5cmLobster Clasp
Flower – IAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×2.6cmLobster Clasp
Flower – QAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 2.1×2.9 Clasp (L): (L): 2.8cmOT Buckle Clasp
Flower – QAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×2.8cmLobster Clasp
Heart – DAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×2.7cmLobster Clasp
Heart – DAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.4×1.7cm Clasp (L): (L): 2.1cmOT Buckle Clasp
Heart – EAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×2.7cmLobster Clasp
Heart – EAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.3x2cm Clasp (L): (L): 1.6cmOT Buckle Clasp
Heart – FAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×2.7cmLobster Clasp
Heart – GAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.4×2.2cm Clasp (L): (L): 2.4cmOT Buckle Clasp
Heart – JAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×2.7cmLobster Clasp
Heart – KAlloy (Plated Brass)1.6×2.6cmLobster Clasp
Heart – LAlloy (Plated Brass)1.2x2cmLobster Clasp
Heart – LAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.6×1.6cm Clasp (L): (L): 1.6cmOT Buckle Clasp
Leaf – BAlloy (Plated Brass)1.7x3cmLobster Clasp
Leaf – IAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.7×1.9cm Clasp (L): (L): 1.7cmOT Buckle Clasp
Leaf – KAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.5x2cm Clasp (L): (L): 1.9cmOT Buckle Clasp
Mermaid – MAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.7x2cm Clasp (L): (L): 2.3cmOT Buckle Clasp
Peace – NAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×2.8cmLobster Clasp
Rose – SAlloy (Plated Brass)Buckle: 1.7×1.9cm Clasp (L): (L): 2.3cmOT Buckle Clasp
Rustic – AAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×3.1cmLobster Clasp
Rustic – CAlloy (Plated Brass)1.7x3cmLobster Clasp
Sqaure – HAlloy (Plated Brass)1.5×2.8cmLobster Clasp
Whale – SAlloy (Plated Brass)1.2×2.4cmLobster Clasp

Materials Alloy, Plated Brass, Lead free
Features Beautiful jewelry connectors in a variety of styles
Lobsters clasps have a parrot trigger (opposite connector ring not included)
OT Buckle clasps have ring and T connector
Can be used on necklaces, bracelets, anklets – please check the sizes below to select an appropriate clasp
  • Safe air parcel packaging
  • Dispatch/handling time:3-5 days
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